(not personal BR projects/solo albums)

from most recent

*2010.FOREVER YOURS (various artists)
Covenant Communications, Inc. 781598 119527 51199
I Could Simply Say
Ordinary Love Song

2006.New Testament Music Collection (various artists)
Reach Productions 80074 07422
God Is Love
The Storm [duet w/April Meservy]

2003.LOOK AND LIVE Especially For Youth 2003 (various artists)
Highway Records 25906 22732
I Believe

2002.SEMINARY'S GREATEST SONGS (various artists)
Sounds Of Zion 96924 06832
Like Unto Us

2002.BE THE DIFFERENCE Convention 2002 Music (various artists)
Nu-Skin Enterprises, Inc. 01 101013 90016009
Living In Harmony

2001.REMEMBER THE PROMISE Especially For Youth 2001 (various artists)
Excel Entertainment 725906243527 (out of print)
Remember The Promise

2001.REDEMPTION ROAD (Northern Voices)
Shadow Mountain (out of print)
Redemption Road
She Got Cha-Cha

1999.NAVIGATE YOUR DESTINY Nu-Skin 1999 Convention (various artists)
Nu-Skin Enterprises, Inc. 01 112379 90011417
What Are You Waiting For

1998.BACK IN GALILEE (Jeff Goodrich)
Rock Creek Recordings 96924 06112
The Centurion (I Know What I Know)

1998.JOY IN THE JOURNEY Especially For Youth 1998 (various artists)
Deseret Book 83027 53932
Taking It Home With Me

1997.MY GOD IS LOVE (Senator Orrin Hatch/Janice Kapp Perry)
Prime Recordings 10785 40022
At The Foot Of The Cross

1997.TREASURE THE TRUTH Especially For Youth 1997 (various artists)
Highway Records 25906 22732

1996.THE ATTIC music inspired by The Christmas Box (various artists)
Genesis 01072 04112
Diamonds For Stones

1996.SONG OF THE MORNING STARS (Sharlene Wells Hawkes)
Deseret Book 830027 52702 (out of print)
The God I Chose

1996.YOU MAKE THE DIFFERENCE IDN•Nu-Skin Convention 1996 (various artists)
Nu-Skin Enterprises, Inc. 90005234

1996.EFY LIVING THE LEGACY Especially For Youth 1996 (various artists)
Highway Records 25906 22732
You Don't Have To Walk The Plains

1994.THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY (various artists)
Toshiba/EMI TOCT-8241
The Shrine Of St. Cecelia
Girl From The North Country

1994.FAITHFUL (Northern Voices)
Shadow Mountain (out of print)
Day of Living
If She Only Knew

1992.FADE IN LOVE (Angeles)
Platz (Japan) PLCP-32
Eyes In The Back Of My Heart
Endless Nights

1991.WALK WITH ME Especially For Youth (various artists)
Lightwave Records ER21942
Do Likewise, My Friend

1990.THE MEASURE OF A MAN (Clive Romney & Friends)
Embryo ER2167C (out of print)
The Measure of a Man
That's What It Takes

1989.A GROVE OF MY OWN (Jeff Goodrich)
Deseret Book SKU 2070724 OIN 1328
Moroni's Lament

1989.A NEW KIND OF LOVE SONG (Michael McLean)
Deseret Book SKU 1813252
Hold On, The Light Will Come
Won't Somebody Help Me [duet w/Jenna Leth]

1984.I HEARD HIM COME (Jeff Goodrich)
Deseret Book SKU 1886228X1495
O Lord, My Redeemer

1984.STAY WITH ME (Michael McLean)
Deseret Book SKU 3938823
She Sees a Diamond

*BR songs sung by BR, but just not on a 'BR album' per se...

as vocalist in movies:

Excel Entertainment
This Craziness is Love
Got a Thing For You

Feature Film For Families© 969323 10133
Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Paramount Pictures
Angel's Gonna Find You

Nest Entertainment
Can't Keep My Feet on the Ground

Live Home Video
Something Like That