At the studio.

The first full-length CD/LP/record (okay, not really vinyl... sorry vinyl-o-philes...) is out!!


Aug 25 was the official release, which was the date of the CD release concert/party in SLC, UT at HUGEsound studios. It's out in all the usual istores (itunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc.) so download it! It's only 10 bucks, and well worth it!! The hard-copy CD will be available soon. We printed a bunch, but the print color wasn't right, so... back to the printer. Should be available very soon.

The "trio" is:

Eric Wallengren: bass
Marcus Finnie: drums
Brett Raymond: piano, Hammond organ, Moog (and various) synthesizers, vocals and backing vocals

with Tanya Barkdull on backing vocals


old notes you may be familiar with:

As of today (July 28, 2017) the music has all been done for a while. Starting to upload now and get ready for release. The art is done (finally...) and was just approved to go to press.

As of today (April 6, 2017) all the mixes are done and mostly mastered. Working on album art now. Should be able to make the new release date... (7.7.17)

As of today (May 23, 2017) all the mixes are done, all mastered except one. Art is taking   f  o   r     e      v       e        r          release date is when it gets done. I wonder if anyone besides me even reads this... Oh well, then I'll just tell myself: Brett git er done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Along with the music, there will be fun merch and stuff.