10.12.19 1:00am

Have Yourself a Jazzy Little Christmas!!! (3) is comin' to town! Third annual. I'm so excited about the new venue this year. A beautiful concert hall at Westminster College. The parking is even great! (as opposed to the last couple of years...) The core Imitation Jazz Trio™ (Eric Wallengren- bass, Matt Morrison- drums, me -keys and vocals) plus a great horn section and guest girl vocals is the line-up this year. I hope we can get a good crowd. The last couple have been great. Come support your local imitation jazz!! You'll be happy you did.   :)


Well, it's been a while. I'll do better... The band will be playing a few 'summer concert' house concerts. Actually more like "neighborhood" concerts.

Aug 21 in Pepperwood in Sandy (private, gated community, so all who don't live there or have friends there sorry...)

Aug 23 in my neighborhood in Kaysville like last year, in the cul-de-sac.

Sept 20 in Ogden at the top of 27th street just below the mountain. Gonna be soooo fun! My old stomping grounds!

Sept 27 in Bountiful (hopefully) This one is still under construction.

All of them are free and except Pepperwood, open to the public. We will have a tip jar, so be generous. (need to pay my band, even a little, whether or not the gig is free to the public) More info- addresses, etc. will be posted on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter. Keep your device close. Haha.


Brand new single released today! Been a long time in the making... Kind of an off-putting title maybe, but the song is really cool. The lyric is by my buddy and long-time writing partner Ron Brough. The song will be part of the album "City Music album 2". IF the album ever gets recorded... well, completely written, then recorded, then mixed, then mastered, then released... This song was recorded in the original "album 1" sessions, but didn't fit on that album, so we get a single! I hope y'all like it.


It's out! Finally after such a lonnnnng time. Released on the night of the CD release party/concert, 8.25.17. No more 'almost done'! It's available now here on site at the 'store' page. The physical CDs are also (oh oh...) almost... done. Haha. That's kinda true and kinda not. I'm not happy with the way the color came back from the printer. It's NOT what we designed... And they've even printed it twice now, but it's still not right. Should I just forget about it...? Who cares?!?!? Well, I do... We'll see. I'm gonna be out of the country for a little while so I'll see about it when I return. Ciao!


So funny... As I look down this list of FIVE years!! Well, good news, it's almost done! Ha! I know I've said that before. But it's very close now, and may even go to print the middle of next week! That's the plan. I really like the album art and the songs and mixes came out great. Great performances by all, and I'm very pleased. Hope you'll like it...


Well, it isn't November, so I'm early for this... It's June, and the 8th at that. So Happy Birthday mom! 88 years old today.

So, the 'jazz' project... Coming along. Every year it gets closer!! Six songs are mixed. (not final, I'm sure) Gonna get them around to show some folks for possible distribution, etc. It's sounding really good and I'm very happy with it. Tanya B. did some fabulous background vocals. (like on the original Christmas songs of a few years ago on the "Mini Christmas Album") She sounds great and I really like the mix of our voices. I also put strings on three of the songs. Sounds great. So, if anyone is even reading this and/or interested, when will you hear this stuff?!? November? That would be appropriate, but actually I think I'm going to wait until the first day of next year. 1.1.17. That's the target. What a long time to produce 10 songs...


So here I am again... another November. Still working on the jazz project on the back-burner (seldom gets to the front, unfortunately) All the bass is done and it sounds great. Thank you to my good friend Eric Wallengren. Last year I joked (see above) about the release date being two years away... Well, it's down to one. Will I make it...? It's been another busy year... I just read my 2012 entry (again, above) "release... early autumn 2013" Haha. BUT it is coming along. Slowly but surely. And I do think it's sounding awesome... There are more things in the works also, but that's the yearly up-date on this jazz (y- I don't like to call it jazz, really, for fear people will think that I think it's real jazz...) project. So, see you next November!


I was working on this site today (it's been a while...) and I noticed the date: 11.6. Wow... exactly two years ago today was when I first mentioned the jazz project. Okay, so the project is still on-going. Slow, but on-going. What a year... Not really a calm one... Anyway, I recorded Marcus Finnie again this last summer in Nashville and all the drums tracks are done. They're awesome. I like the second batch even better. We're working on getting the bass with Eric Wallengren recorded now. Three to four more songs to go. Maybe even this Saturday, unless I have to help my daughter and son-in-law move... but anyway, soon. Then vocals, mix and.... maybe I'll set a release date for two years from now... Doesn't seem too crazy considering my pace...


So........ how did that go?  (above)  Shouldn't something be released about now....?  Okay, I've been a bit distracted this year.  Lots of family stuff and a little laziness. But I have made some progress; got some awesome drums on some of the cuts- Marcus Finnie laid them down here in TN in a great Nashville studio (615 studios). And I'm taking tracks with me to do some bass while we're in Utah over the holidays.  So maybe my new goal will be a release exactly a year from now!  I hope sooner.  I fear later...  Anyway, thanks for checking up!


NEW PROJECT!  I've started recording and have gotten some bare-bones basics done on about half a dozen new songs for a new project.  It's very jazzy (and poppy, but more on the jazzy side).  It will be a "The Brett Raymond Imitation Jazz Trio©" release, so that will be the vibe.   (piano+vocal, bass, drums, plus some synths and female bgv's)  I'm very excited for it.  The release will probably be sometime in early autumn 2013.  I plan to record some overdubs with my buddies in Utah over the holidays, then more recording later here in Tennessee.  It's gonna be cool.